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On December 29th, 2023 we awarded our last active scout his Eagle Rank. Anyone may view our list of Eagle Scouts by clicking on the list, on the left side of this page.

This marks the retirement of Troop 508 with an incredible list of Eagle scouts. 28 members of our troop earned their Eagle rank in just the last 5 years.

Troop 508 was founded on December 1, 1965, Over those 58 years, 157 scouts earned Eagle. Good job Troop 508!

AS WE NOW RETIRE TROOP 508, on December 31, 2023, we want to express to our charter organization, Menlo Church - Saratoga (20455 Herriman Ave, Saratoga), how much we appreciated their years of support for our troop.  That is where we held our troop meetings on Monday nights from 7:30pm-8:30pm for at least 15 years.  We'd also like to thank Saratoga High School, and our previous charter organization Redwood Middle School for all their years of support.

Our Eagle advancements were only made possible by all of the scouts (and adult volunteers) in the troop who helped those 157 scouts along the way; camping with them, eating the food they prepared, and attending their many presentations and teaching sessions on the life long skills needed to earn scout ranks and merit badges.

High Adventure camps, river rafting, attending regular summer scout camps, camping, biking, rock climbing, playing home made drums at Scout-O-Rama while teaching attendees how to make key fobs from paracord, and learning survival skills were all part of what made this troop unique. Camping at Dillon Beach (see photos above) was one of our favorite fall camping trips.


Mrs. Shaw

Eagle COH December 21, 2023, final official meeting of Troop 508.  Honoring our Eagles (from the fall of 2021 - 2023) and the Adult volunteers who guided their journey.



Thanks for visiting from everyone at Troop 508.

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Now is the time to access any information you want to keep

Posted by jshaw on Jan 2 2024 - 1:45am

Now is the time to access our troop calendar (which recorded most of our troop activities and events, beginning in September of 2009 up through Dec. 2023). Especially the list of attendees for camping trips, photo albums, our list of Eagle Scouts, COHs, etc.

New Photo Site

Posted by jshaw on Jan 2 2024 - 1:06am

Older photos of our activities are in the Photo Albums on our troop website (access through left column).

Around 2015, our newer troop photos were posted and shared on Shutterfly, but Shutterfly has recently (as of 2022 or 2023) cancelled that share feature. I believe the shared photos transferred into anyone in the troop's Shutterfly account who at one time accessed or posted Shutteffly troop 508 photos. Just go to https://shutterfly.com, sign in to your Shutterfly account and click on my shared accounts. If you are not able to access them through your shutterfly account, just contact assistant scoutmaster Janet Shaw by email (janlyndanc@aol.com), and she'll send you any photos that you like.

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